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Simple Step By Step Instructions On How To Recover Outlook Account

To keep your mail account safe it is very important to use the strong password which is hard for others to hack it. But if your mail account is hacked then you need to perform some instructions that help you recover your hacked Outlook account and password.

By calling on the Outlook account recovery number, the above problem of Outlook can be conveniently fixed with the help of the impeccable services offered by the team of engineers.

Go to Outlook Account Login Page:

You need to type www.outlook.com in the browser. Below you will find a link that says “Need help”. You need to click on that link.

Outlook Account Recovery Page

After clicking the link, you will see the Outlook Account Recovery page. Choose the option “I don’t know my password” here and type your Outlook ID. Click on “Continue” button.

Fill the Captcha form

You will see a Captcha form which you will need to fill out. Click “Continue”.

Type your last password

You will see a page which asks you for your last password. If you remember then type it or select the “I don’t know” option.

Basic Password Reset

Now Microsoft presents you simple password reset method where in you can reset your account password if you have forgotten but not hacked. If your account is hacked then the only way to recover your account password is the “Verify your identity” option.

Here Microsoft verifies your identify by obtaining your answers to few questions related to your account. If the answers you have typed matches with the records on the Microsoft then you can successfully reset the password. If you fail, then the final resort is to call on the Outlook account recovery phone number +61-283206010.

So these are the steps you would need to perform to recover the password of your Outlook account. Outlook account recovery number Australia offers solutions to all your petty or complex issues with the support of well skilled IT engineers.