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Recover Your Account with Help of Outlook Password Recovery Number

Keeping your mail accounts secure is very important. The most popular e-mail providing company Outlook offers password-recovery options that ensure your mail account is always safe. This article consists of instructions to help you "how to recover Outlook password".

Visit the Outlook Account login page

Open the web browser and visit www.outlook.com.

Log in with the username and password

You need to type the username and password of your account in the respective boxes. Click on “Sign In” button to access the account.

Go to Setting section

On the page where you see mails, at the right hand side of your screen, you will notice a small gear like icon. This is for changing settings. Click on this icon.

Go to Accounts and section

Here you can change the account settings for your Outlook account. The next link is to “Change password recovery options”. Click on this option.

Verify your Outlook account

As a security feature you need to type your password to verify the account. Now click “Sign In.”

Edit password recover options

You can do this by providing a phone number for the confirmation. When your provided phone number is confirmed, you can add a phone number with code by clicking on the “Add Phone button.” You can also add a recovery e-mail address by clicking on “Add E-mail”. Here you need to type the secondary or the alternate e-mail address for the recovery of your account. Click on Save button to save the changes. If you are unable to perform these steps, then call on Outlook password recovery number Australia to seek technical assistance in this process.


Setting these useful recovery options take only a few minutes and makes your mail account highly secure. Calling on the Outlook password recovery phone number +61-283206010 will provide you a simple procedure to set password recovery options that would help in fixing all kinds of account issues. You are required to explain every little detail of the Outlook problems to these proficient Outlook employees.